Echuca rural transport has 2×1 stock crates for sheep and cattle. The stock crates have been optioned extra high for safer transport of larger cattle, which also a benefit for woolly sheep. With higher sheep decks it makes for better conditions for sheep in the hotter weather.

With the trucks stock crate being 32 foot long (in 3 pens) and the trailer being 24 foot (in 2 pens) it’s sure to cart all your needs with the flexibility of splitting the trailer for those tighter locations. The trailer is also equipped with a sliding drawbar (truck backs up flush with trailer) for ease of loading/unloading.

Echuca Rural Transport specialize in your bull transport with most stud bulls costing in excess of $5000 we understand your valuable asset. With our higher stock crates you can rest assured your bull is in safe hands with Echuca Rural Transport.

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